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Proposal Prep
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  • To provide a supportive and proactive environment to help ME faculty expand the scope and funding of sponsored projects
  • Through the interaction of pre-award and post-award knowledge and skills, ME Research Administration Team seeks to enhance the competitiveness of proposals and ensure compliance with internal and external regulations, policies, and procedures.

Team Members

Millie Wan
Belay Tekeste

ME RA/OSP Team Responsibilities

  • All pre-award activities of ME sponsored research, specifically: proposal preparation, budget development, proposal processing and submission, and grants transfer
  • First and main contact among ME faculty, GT OS,P and GT G&C; liaison with other GT departments; and external institutions
  • Sub-award setup, routing, and sub-award invoice payment
  • Special projects assistance, research compliance consulting, etc.

Proposal Preparation & Submission

  1. PI advises ME Sponsored Research Team on a proposal preparation (2 weeks before deadline)
    1. By sending email with BAA, RFP, solicitation/announcement #
  2. ME Sponsored Research Team works on proposal based on PI request (1 week before deadline)
    1. Budget development
      1. Standard ME Budget template
      2. Sponsor required budget breakdown
      3. Standard ME Budget template
      4. Sponsor required budget breakdown
    2. Other forms sponsor required
    3. Fastlane/Cayuse proposal set up & uploading
    4. Coordinate LOI, LOC, cost share approval, etc.
  3. ME Approval: ME Sponsored Research Team will check the proposal package and route it to OSP. (3 business days before deadline)
    1. Proposal Package: (one week before deadline)
      1. Routing form
      2. Project summary
      3. Project narrative
      4. Budget & justification
      5. Biosketch, other sponsor required forms (if applicable)
      6. Sponsor required documents (LOI, LOC, Subcontracts Details)
      7. Cost share form (if applicable)
      8. Sponsor contact information
  4. OSP reviews proposal package and makes official submission.
    1. eRA submission systems: FastLane, Cayuse, eCommons, DOE PAMS, Grants.gov & Research.gov, etc.
    2. Other institution submission: other universities, foundations,  industrial sponsors and foreign sponsors
  5. OSP sends eReceipts to PI to confirm the proposal submission.

Subaward Setup & Invoice Payment

  • Subaward Initiation on WebWise   https://webwise.gtri.gatech.edu/osp/sub/sitemap
  • Subaward Documents:
    • SOW
    • Budget & justification
    • Subcontractor contact information
    • LOI from Subcontractor
    • Special instruction/restrictions
  • Subaward Invoice Submission & Payment
    • Setup PO for the subaward
    • Submit invoices to OSP Subcontract Team
    • PI approval on payment
    • AP makes payment

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