Branding Resources


These communications and branding resources are provided for the Woodruff School faculty, staff, and students to easily access and appropriately use. Contact ME Communications with further resource needs and questions.

Letterhead and PowerPoint Templates

Letterhead and PowerPoint templates using the new Woodruff School logo (adopted September, 2021) are available on the Woodruff School intranet site or by request from the communications department


Below are the updated logos for the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering. Please contact ME Communications with your inquiries. To save a logo right click and save the image.

Primary Logo (PNG)

Woodruff School Logo


Navy Logo (PNG)

Navy GWW Logo


White Logo (PNG)

White GWW Logo


Primary NREMP Logo (PNG)

NREMP Primary Logo


Navy NREMP Logo (PNG)

Navy NREMP Logo


White NREMP Logo (PNG)

White NREMP Logo


Georgia Tech Logos and Brand Guidelines

Updated Georgia Tech logos for all campus units along with brand guidelines can be found at