The medical physics degree program is available to distance-learning students at Georgia Tech. All of the required courses and some of the elective courses are offered via distance learning.

Classroom lectures are recorded as the actual lecture is given on campus. Video cameras record the professor, what is written on white boards, overhead pads and student classroom interactions. Content from Power Point, the Internet, and computer programs are recorded as well and synchronized with video into a complete comprehensive lecture.

The lecture is reviewed and edited for content and usually posted within 48 hours of the original class lecture. The lecture is posted to the GT Courses website, and can be viewed online or downloaded to your local computer to take with you on the go. In some cases, lectures and supplemental material are recorded outside the classroom by the instructor using the Tegrity lecture capture system. These lectures also contain audio, video, and computer content.

For classes involving a laboratory component (e.g. MP 6757, MP 6203, MP 6204), distance learning students are expected to travel to Georgia Tech on select weekends to complete the laboratories.

The admission criteria and degree requirements for distance-learning students are the same as those for on-campus students with the exception of the clinical rotation, which is to be fulfilled at a hospital or clinic close to the student's place of residence and as approved by the Georgia Institute of Technology. The internship policy for the distance learning students is detailed on the Clinical Rotation Page.

Procedures and Forms

  • Student Evaluation From (Form A)
  • Laboratory/task Substitution Form (Form B)
  • Distance Learning Facility Information Form (Form C)
  • Distance Learning Form of Intent (Form D)
  • Distance Learning Authorization Form (Form E)
  • Distance Learning Supervisor Agreement Form (Form F)
  • Task Completion Form (Form G)
  • Task List Approval Form (Form H)
  • DL facility MOU